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Jess' GM App

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Jess' GM App

Post  darkmasters1 on Sat Nov 21, 2009 6:51 pm

IGN: Jess

Age: 16

Location/Timezone: eastern standard time

What can you do to help the server : i can help with hackers and keep them out of the server and i can help advertise this server and get it on gtop100.

Why do you wish to become a GM : I was GM in many other servers. And i have
the Experience of being a gm .Im a nice guy to get to know and love helping people out.

If you suspect someone of hacking what will you do?i would first get proof that the hacker was hacking by watching them in hide and get a SS of them in the act of the crime and i will ban them.

If two players get in a fight what would you do? I would warp the two players to a map, try and help them solve their problems if they dont fix there problems and they are still fighting they will get jailed for a certain time .

If a player is ksing another player what would you do? tell them to move to another channel
and if they dont i would warp them to another map.

If GM's get in a fight what would you do? i would warp them to a private spot were theres no people around and tell them that they are part of the same team and they are supposed to be helping eachother out with their problems not fighting agout it.

Will you respect the GM rules? Yes I will.

Is there anything else you would like to add? I want to help this server as much as i can.

Do you acknowledge that everything on this application is 100% true?everything i wrote in this app is 150% true


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