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Gogo's GM Application

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Gogo's GM Application

Post  GogoXp on Sun Nov 01, 2009 1:09 pm

IGN: My name will be Gogo, but I can't login because the server is offline. I'll make it as soon as possibe Smile

How Many Hours Cam You Play: I can play about two- two and 1/2 hours on weekdays, and most likely four-five hours on the weekends. Of course, all of this depends on my homework, but I usually finish it at school.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time

Y Do You Wanna Be GM: I want to be a GM because I would like to help thisserver grow and make sure there are no hackers. I will also throw some events, although I won't have them every 10 minutes (I was in a server that did that once... lets just say it was boring and laggy). I also want to be a GM because I really miss being a GM. I also want to make this server fun!

How Many Severs You Been GM on: I have been a GM on three servers. My first was my own server, a v55, called Mime Story (hence my name Razz). The second server was HaiMS. My time as a GM was short, because the server closed shortly after I was accepted. Lastly, (This doesn't EXACTLY count, because the server had trouble getting started) was called SaintMS. I'm pretty sure you guys know Saved (he was the owner). And thats pretty much it.

AnyThing Else We Should Know: I really want you guys to know that its perfectly fine for me not to be a GM. Most likely, there is someone else more experienced than I am. I am perfectly fine being a player of the server, because my friends are here. I also can make banners, so if you need one just let me know Very Happy. Thanks for your consideration and good luck finding your GMs!

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