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MrDucks App (With Template)

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MrDucks App (With Template)

Post  iDunno on Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:20 pm

IGN: MrDuck

How Many Hours Cam You Play: About 7 hours on weekdays and almost all day on weekends
oh I forgot also I can't play as much on Friday I gotta go to bible study and same on sunday I go to church.

How Many Severs You Been GM on: 1 Very Happy, but it wasn't official it was a friend''s.

AnyThing Else We Should Know: My name is Daniel and i'm 15. I'm funny nice talkative and non neglectant(?). I've been playing this server for about 2 days. I would really like o enjoy being GM and I would help out new comers. Although I do not have as much experience as other people as a GM I wish to learn from this if I am picked and, I think that GM's shouldn't pick based on experience but by new people, if the people that become GM were already GMs then that's unfair imo (in my opinion). Anyways even if I am not picked I will continue playing this server like nothing happened, but if I am picked I will try my best to improve itor the better Very Happy.

Why would u be worthy for the gm spot: Personally I don't think i'm worthy at all. But I know I love playing maple an i've seen GMs on other servers play favorites. I think I would be a Good GM because of my Nerddyness (i'm on all the time) down to my commedy Very Happy.

What could u do to help the server I woulddd host events when allowed although everyone seems to say that. I would also try to keep falming down and try to help people with their problems as fast as I can so they won't feel like they are being neglected.

Made By Ricky - Gg Ricky

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Re: MrDucks App (With Template)

Post  -->PIE on Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:51 am

Gud luck Wink

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