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Devin98 Gm app

Post  Devin98 on Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:09 pm

My name is Devin Rampersad i am 16 years old i have been a gm many times and i live in ohio. If i see a hacker i will take a screen shot and show converse. I have pretty good experience with being a gm because i was a gm in my brothers private server kyuubims that is why i would like to be a gm. I also would like to become a gm because i have a certain way to help out people you know how when u log on alot of people just come rushing to you well i make em line up one at a time if i don't become a gm then fell free to use this advice thanks for reading this have a good day.

Location: Ohio United States of America

Time Zone: Eastern daylight time

Hours Played: I play as soon as i come home that is 4:00 pm and sometimes I stay home alot and i play till mid night

Servers been a gm in: KyuubiMs

If i see a hacker: if i see a hacker i will tell converse and take a screen shot if i can

What will i do to help this server: I will tell all my friends and family members that play maplestory to play this server because it is awesome

This is my App and thanks for reading it have a good day


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