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Hollow's Gm App (Edited according to GM App Guide)

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Hollow's Gm App (Edited according to GM App Guide)

Post  Hollow on Tue Oct 27, 2009 8:06 pm

my name is hollow (tony in rl) i have been a GM 2 times in 2 servers but the server was closed. i was once a lvl 3 and a lvl 4 gm. im 17 years old. i enjoy this server because it has lots of friendly and active GMs unlike most private servers i have played (about 7). it also has lots of active players and awesome rates.

Name:Tony Lopez

Date: 10/27/09

Location: USA New York O.o

Time Zone and Hours Online: i play 3-8 hours everyday including weekdays usually on 7:30 EST-12:30 EST but sometimes longer.

EXP:GM in BerserkMS and SGM in DagonMS
Why i want to be Gm:Because i want to ban the hackers ruining the server and have more active GM on the server. Plus i love hosting events. I also helped some new players in the server who has lots of questions regarding the server.

What will i do to help the server:I also want to help advertise and make the server more active and popular. I will also host event when im allowed to and players wants me to.
What will i do if some1 is fighting: First i will tell them to stop. Then i will warn them 1 last time to chill or be jailed. If they still dont stop i will jail them until they r sorry.
If theres a hacker: i will either ban them or jail them according to the hacks they were using and screenshot it to Gino.
Other Info:I love helping ppl and hosting events. I'm online everyday without doubt exept if i have internet connection problems or on trip (like once every 3 months... or 2.)
I live in New York so i go by EST time. My IGN was originally Hollow501 changed to Hollow. I have been playing this server for nearly 2 weeks.[b]

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